Think a multi-million dollar product liability lawsuit can’t happen to your establishment? You might be surprised to know that unintentionally selling tainted food products can put your business at great risk. The risks:

  • Negligence
    • Failing to do something a reasonably prudent person would do. For example, assembling a piece of equipment that breaks and injures someone.
  • Breach of Warranty
    • Failing to uphold a claim or promise about a product that leads the consumer to believe the product is safe. Warranties may be either implied (unspoken, unwritten promises created by state law) or expressed.
  • Strict Liability
    • The responsibility falls on the manufacturer or seller for injuries or damages sustained, regardless of fault or intent, by a defective product. It must be proven that the product was defective, the defect caused the injury and the defect rendered the product dangerous.

Minimize your business’s exposure to product liability by ensuring your food products are the safest they can possibly be. Our air sanitation systems do not use toxic chemicals to kill harmful bacteria that could cause your patrons to become ill if they eat your products. Put your mind at ease that 99.9% of contaminants in your environment will be removed continuously. Save money by prolonging the shelf life of your food and reduce food spoilage. The risk is too great to ignore. We have the knowledge and expertise to keep your food and patrons safe. Keep your peace of mind while keeping the air in your environment clean day after day.