Many fresh fruits and vegetables have a short shelf life. Whether your are a small convenience store or a big restaurant, you can take important steps to help prevent bacteria from feasting on your food, before your customers do. Bacteria, microscopic microbes that live in almost all natural environments, are the culprits that cause food to spoil. According to the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service, food spoilage bacteria need nutrients and moisture to begin to rapidly multiply. The nutrients and water content of fresh produce are the exact combination that bacteria need to begin reproducing. Additional moisture in your cooler can further contribute to food spoilage, such as from condensation in plastic containers and plastic storage bags. When a moist environment is present, spoilage bacteria can grow rapidly forming small colonies that contain millions of bacteria.

Our purification systems utilize the finest technology in an effort to clean and sanitize the air in coolers and any surface in lieu of using chemicals. With the use of our purifier in a cold storage room, there is up to 99.9% removal of molds, bacteria, and viruses by significantly reducing airborne and surface contaminants. This promotes a desirable cleaner environment free of unpleasant odors and helps reduce the health risks of employees, patrons, and other visitors. Here is how it works:

  • The system temporarily transforms a percentage of oxygen molecules in the air converting them into gas phase sanitizers; destroying molds, bacteria, and viruses that circulate through the unit’s reactor.
  • The sanitized air is diffused from the unit and into the room carrying a couple of longer lasting sanitizing compounds into the room, which continue to clean the air and effectively clean all surfaces within the enclosed environment.

You cannot totally eliminate bacteria in your cooler, however, you can eliminate 99.9% of contaminants with an effective air sanitation system from SAGE Industrial.