Farm to fork refers to the stages of the production of food: harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, sales, and consumption. It also refers to a movement concerned with producing food locally and delivering that food to local consumers. Linked to the local food movement, the movement is promoted by some in agriculture, food service, and restaurant communities. It can also be associated with organic farming initiatives, sustainable agriculture, and community-supported agriculture. A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain. An unbroken cold chain is an uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities which maintain a given temperature range. It is used to help extend the shelf life of products such as produce, seafood, and frozen food.

Our air sanitation systems are stationary and mobile so perishable products can be protected across the cold chain from “farm to fork.” Our air purification technology has been widely adopted in the perishable products industry for its ability to destroy molds, bacteria, and viruses while also reducing ethylene levels and extending product shelf life. Our units have been installed throughout the cold chain in cold storage rooms, processing areas, refrigerated trucks/containers and grocery display cases. The air purification systems we provide encompasses both transport and stationary refrigeration solutions globally throughout the perishable cold chain industry. Our experts can install your new system so you can easily enjoy the benefits of cleaner and fresher air without harmful chemicals. We offer top rated surface and air sanitation installation to solve the problem of bacteria, food spoilage, food safety, and dehydration.