Walk-in and reach-in coolers, freezers and transportation vehicles can have very high humidity levels and trapped ethylene gas. This can cause condensation, warmer temperatures, premature food spoilage, mold growth, food borne illness, slips and falls, musty odors and overworked equipment. One of the toughest places to control odor in the restaurant business is the coolers. It is not just the occasional spill that causes problems. Often uncovered containers of raw and or cooked foods can produce strong odors that can negatively affect the taste and smell of other foods in the cooler.

Our air purification systems can give you the odor control you need without using harsh chemicals. Advanced chemical-free technology recirculates the air neutralizing microbes and sanitizes the environment leaving your cooler smelling clean and fresh all day. The key to quality odor control lies within our enhanced purification. Our purifiers:

  • Save on coolers run time, energy and maintenance
  • Prevent against mold and bacteria growth
  • Remove cross-contaminating odors
  • Keep the quality of your food safe and fresh
  • Eliminate damaging ethylene and other gases
  • Extend the life of all produce and fresh cut flowers
  • Extend the life of your refrigeration equipment

Contact our experts at SAGE Industrial today if you are experiencing odors in your cooler. Don’t take the risk of losing customers due to poor food quality. We have the solution you are looking for. We perform routine maintenance to keep your current system running smoothly but also offer brand new installation as well.