Even before food scientists and technologists entered the industry, the extension of shelf life has been at the center of handling foods. Traditional treatments such as canning, heating, and other preservation methods of salt and sugar have been around for hundreds of years, based on the human desire to survive lean times. Changing consumer demands, however, have altered the treatment of food and research into better processes to extend shelf life has surged. The requirements for new technologies are precise. They should have less detrimental effects and result in no changes in appearance, texture and flavor of the products. Along with the development of new methods to prolong shelf life, also comes the question of how these treatments influence the structure and quality of food. Old but proven technologies are continuously being replaced due to the evolution of knowledge about products as well as growing consumer demands to eliminate dangers for the safety of food.

Our air sanitation systems protect perishables by controlling microorganisms especially fungi and bacteria both in the product and surfaces of holding/storage areas. Our purification units use a unique technology that is highly effective in cleaning and sanitizing air and surfaces without the use of chemicals. As the equipment operates continuously, it is constantly sanitizing and protecting the room in which it is installed. Through the removal of up to  99.9% of the germs, molds, and contaminants in the room, our clean air technology equipment significantly reduces airborne and surface contamination and creates a fresher, cleaner environment extending the shelf life of your food.