Ethylene gas is the ripening agent which occurs naturally in nature. It causes fruits to ripen and decay and vegetables and flowers to wilt. Controlling ethylene gas after picking will extend the life cycle of your commodity allowing them to be held for a much longer period of time. While refrigeration and humidity slow decay, they don’t halt the production of harmful ethylene gas. Ethylene gas is also used in ripening rooms to color up the fruit which is then moved to a regular cold storage room with other produce. While ethylene gas is used under controlled conditions as a ripening agent, even small amounts of ethylene gas during shipping and storage causes most fresh produce to deteriorate faster. Automotive emissions, plastics, smoke and fluorescent lights all increase ethylene gas levels. A single propane powered forklift can cause serious damage in highly ethylene gas sensitive commodities.

Our air purification systems produce a sanitizer that acts on airborne microbiological organisms or microorganisms and reduces ethylene. Unlike air purifiers, which filter or otherwise trap particles within an air circulator, our air purifiers have the ability to act on airborne microorganisms in open interior air space. We are the experts you need to keep your cooler air clean and smelling fresh while protecting your customers from tainted food which could lead to big problems down the road. We take the time to ensure you that your products are and will remain safe without chemicals day after day with the continuous reduction of bacteria, molds and viruses in growers, packers, shippers, processors, grocery stores, food-service operations and convenience stores.