Across the perishable produce cold chain (storage, transportation, processing, distribution, and retail) SAGE and our purification systems provide these benefits:

Application Areas

Diversity of applications for Growers/Packers, Distributors/Wholesalers, Transporters/Carriers, Meat/Food Processors and End Retailers (Grocery Stores and Restaurants) for Fruits, Vegetables, Meats, Flowers and Processed Foods/Ready-to-Eat:Cold Storage Rooms (small coolers to large storage facilities), Cannabis (Growing: Greenhouse and indoor. Drying rooms, odor control)

 Food Applications:

Plant Applications:

  • Flower/Plant Facilities
    • Greenhouses
    • Indoor storage/grow
    • Fresh cut
  • Cannabis

    • Greenhouses
    • Indoor Grow rooms
    • Drying rooms
    • Odor Control
  • Exhausted Air Treatment
  • Refrigerated Trucks and Shipping Containers